Ass Kickin' Chile Lime Jalapeno Hot Sauce 148ml



• The perfect blend of Habanero and Serrano Peppers. Ass Kickin' Chile Lime Jalapeno Hot Sauce: is like putting chile-lime hot sauce on steroids.

• Imagine chile-lime hot sauce but on steroids! Made with a blend of jalapeno peppers, its heat ranges from 10,000- 50,000 SHU. Don’t worry though. Despite this hot sauce’s pungent heat, it won’t send you running to the ER anytime soon!

• Made with premium jalapeno peppers, tomato paste, vinegar, garlic, lime oil and other natural flavours, this hot sauce adds a refreshing burst of chile and lime flavour to any food that needs a fiery touch. It’s truly a treat for all the lime lovers out there!

• Use this hot pepper sauce often and generously on almost anything. We suggest using it on seafood, burritos, pizza, and even sweet corn. This spicy sauce gives dishes just enough tang to leave you wanting more! Want to have some devilish fun? For cocktail hour, try adding a dab of this to your Bloody Mary for an extra kick!

This chile-lime hot sauce makes the perfect gift for friends and family who enjoy the spicier things in life. This jalapeno sauce serves some serious lime flavour and packs heat like no other. So, if you’re still looking for a premium gift to surprise that palate pyromaniac in your life, just look right in front of you! Rest assured, they won’t be disappointed.

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