Baker's Premium Baking White Chocolate Bar 113g

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Baker's Premium White Chocolate Baking Bar adds a special touch to your favourite white chocolate recipes. America's favourite baking chocolate since 1780 introduces this perfectly sweetened ingredient to enhance your homemade cakes, cookies and candies. A creamy mixture of cocoa butter, sugar and milk creates a premium white chocolate for baking and any other dessert recipes. Made with no cocoa powder, this baking chocolate delivers a unique experience for chocolate lovers with its creamy white colour and smooth taste. Baker's White Chocolate Baking Bar is a premium staple for the chocolate lover's pantry
  • Sweetened white chocolate brings a rich, creamy touch to your favourite desserts
  • Made with milk and cocoa butter
  • Savour the unique taste of decadent white chocolate
  • Solid white chocolate baking bar with easy-break squares for easy measuring
  • Add this chocolate to your recipes or enjoy pure
  • Boxed to maintain form and freshness

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