Walden Farms Low Calorie Blueberry Fruit Spread 340g

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• Blueberry Fruit Spread is a delicious fruit spread that everybody loves to eat. It has benefits and is packed with the goodness of selected berries. Now you can add the taste of berries to your toast and enjoy the delicious flavour of Blueberry Fruit Spread.

• Blueberry Fruit Spread is a tasty and a wholesome spread, has high-quality ingredients and is tasty.

• Walden farms Blueberry Fruit Spread is made from selected blue barberries and natural flavours. It contains fresh berries that help you to maintain good health. It has no extra sugar and preservatives.

• Walden farms Blueberry Fruit Spread is wholesome as it is made of fresh blueberries and natural flavours. It is delicious and works well with toast, muffins, and other baked foods. Enjoy the delicious Walden Farms Blueberry Fruit Spread and stay fit.

• You get the best products that are good for your health at Walden Farms.

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