Dona Chonita Guajillo Chilli Sauce 350g



Chile guajillo is the second most used in Mexican cuisine. It has a pronounced, richer flavour and is a little less spicy. It's considered a mild to medium chilli, perfect to make cooking salsas to be enjoyed by everyone, from hot chillies to mild chillies lovers. It's perfect to make the salsa for the chicken or pork to stuff the tamales.

This salsa is perfect for different dishes that you could try as it is ready to use, yet with its great flavour.

This salsa can be also used for more local Mexican dishes, like the "enchiladas callejeras" from Querétaro or "enchiladas mineras" from Guanajuato. To prepare either of these dishes, you need to soak the tortillas individually in the warm sauce and then fry them in very hot oil for a few seconds only. Fill the tortilla then with a mix of fresh cheese with finely chopped raw onion, roll the tortilla with the filling and top them with fried small diced potatoes and carrots, a spoonful of soured cream, crumbled cheese and jalapenos in brine slices.

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