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Fanta® Mango Flavoured® Soda is THE soda that brings so many fond memories from your trip to the Caribbean AND a slew of tropical island-hopping. It's a soda pop that never disappoints with real mango goodness that will make you pop one bottle after another!

Fanta® Mango Flavoured® Soda is not just an American flavour that's favoured by most! What it offers is a lifestyle - the kind of experience that as personal as the choices you make when choosing a soda pop.

Wanna know more? Fanta® Mango Flavoured® Soda was formulated by those who love 100% fruity drinks. We endeavour to capture the genuine "oomph!" that mangoes have on their loyal followers. We can't emphasize any further how Fanta® Mango Flavoured® Soda can be the perfect drink for weekend pool parties. It can even work for lunch and after-office gatherings! Give it a try! We're you won't be let down.

Fanta® Mango Flavoured® Soda is just one of the many flavours that Fanta® has put on shelves just for you.

Fanta® Mango Flavoured® Soda is caffeine-free and will never give you fluttery hands. Grab a bottle now and experience a brand new deal of taste that only Fanta® Mango Flavoured® Soda can give.

Fanta® Mango Flavoured® Soda is a product of The Coca Cola Company®, a global brand that endeavours to satisfy the cravings of teenaged pop lovers.

Fanta®, as a brand on its own, was first developed in Italy back in 1955 has been a member of the Coca Cola Company® from the 60s to the 70s. As the 80s was particularly challenging for Fanta®, it bounced back in no time and became a household name in the shortest span of time. Fanta® currently carries a long line of fruit- and select cocktail-flavoured sodas that you cater to the young and the young at heart.

Mango up and reserve yours today at the American Grocer.

*If symptoms persist, consult your physician.

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