Fanta Peach Flavoured Soda 355ml

Size: Pack of 12
Sale price£14.99


Fanta® Peach Soda is not your regular soft drink because it isn't as sweet as the leading brand, for starters. It's made from peach extracts and doesn't have that kind of taste and texture that slides down pretty hard when you take a swig. It's smooth, flavourful, and downright refreshing.

Fanta® Peach Soda is your all-around, caffeine-free, go-to beverage that wakes your senses up and readies you for the day! Being seen with a FANTAstic choice of beverage sets you up for a, "Whoa! This person's got great taste!"

Craving a quick trip down memory lane?

A chug of Fanta® Peach Soda can definitely do that for you. Oh, and we heard that you can ramp up your beverage by adding rum to it! Perfect for Friday night get-togethers with the girls!

Fanta® Peach Soda is the kind of drink that'll definitely take you places. Pack in several cans of this incredible drink for your next trip. Be sure to place your orders before we run out stock.

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