Folgers Hazelnut Medium Roast Ground Coffee 326g



Folgers® Hazelnut Medium Roast Instant Coffee is the kind of coffee that marries the rich, palatability of coffee and the sweet, smooth, and "nutty-luscious" flavour of hazelnut. If you're looking to both enjoying a cup of coffee and savouring a good piece of dessert, then Folgers® Hazelnut Medium Roast Instant Coffee is the ideal blend for you!

Simply because ours is a brand that is known for its perfectly balanced delectability. Folgers®, in general, has been around for more than 150 years, delighting not just American homes but households from all over the world! If one was to choose which coffee they'd go for in the morning, noon, and night, then Folgers® Hazelnut Medium Roast Instant Coffee would win hands down!

Exaggeration aside, Folgers® is THE brand of coffee that remains to be reckoned with globally. Visit our website to place your orders today
to enjoy better days and enjoying tasty cups of coffee to the hilt.

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