Gatorade Cool Blue Sports Drinks 591ml

Size: Pack of 6
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Gatorade® Cool Blue Sports Drinks is a Pepsi® Company brainchild that has been around for more than 50 years! It's the leading brand of rehydrating beverages for star athletes and people with extremely active lifestyles in the US and abroad.

Gatorade® Cool Blue Sports Drinks and all the brand's other flavours have that formula that truly replenishes all the electrolytes lost during an intense workout. What Gatorade® offers is a healthy way to stay hydrated, active, and refuelled all day long. Unlike other sports drinks, Gatorade® Cool Blue Sports Drinks is very low in natural sugars and is absolutely zero in synthetic flavouring and sweeteners.

It's a bottle full energy-boosting drink that neither hurts your tummy nor causes unnecessary palpitations. Gatorade® Cool Blue Sports Drinks come in bottles ergonomically designed so that you can carry them with you to school, to the office, and most especially to the gym.

You can also choose to recycle the bottles to help preserve Mother Earth. Go to our website now and order not just bottles but crates of these! Jump to a healthier lifestyle only with Gatorade® Cool Blue Sports Drinks.

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