General Mills Vanilla Chex Cereal 340g

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Vanilla is and will always be a classic American flavour when it comes to ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, cakes and frosting, cookie sandwich fillings, doughnut fillings, and coffee creamers.

But, as General Mills® has a way of outdoing itself, it now has ranked itself with classic vanilla-infused breakfast cereal, which is the Vanilla Chex™.

It's a breakfast that hit the jackpot! Just add a generous helping of Greek Yogurt into your bowl plus a great splash of chocolate milk and voila!

You've got a Vanilla Chex™-chocolate double down. Get crunchy, sweet, healthy, and chocolatey all morning to get your day started just the way you want it.

On weekends, we suggest you add a scoop of either vanilla or strawberry ice cream to your breakfast bowl. We swear the taste will be absolutely divine! "Ice cream, you scream, we scream
General Mills® Vanilla Chex™!!

Whoohooo!!!" We can go on and on about our breakfast cereal of choice. But, the ultimate taste lies on YOU. And the only way to see how good General Mills® Vanilla Chex™ is to have a taste of yourself.

Head out to the
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