Hostess Ding Dongs Iced Latte 405ml

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Whether the antidote to your 2 pm slump is a snack cake or a cup of coffee, now you don't have to choose!

Beloved snack cakes, bottled. A Hostess Ding Dongs Iced Latte is like a rich, cream-filled chocolate snack cake in a bottle! This grab-and-go coffee beverage is the sweetest way to get your midday pick-me-up.

Sweet convenience. Skip the long line at the coffee shop. Hostess Ding Dongs Iced Lattes are ready to drink and can be stored in the refrigerator or poured over ice. Our convenient, resealable bottle makes this drink perfect for taking on-the-go!

Authentic Twinkies flavour. Hostess Ding Dongs Iced Latte features the rich chocolate and vanilla flavours of Hostess' beloved Ding Dong snack cake in an irresistibly creamy coffee beverage. 

With Hostess Ding Dong Iced Latte, you can have your cake AND your coffee too! 

Best Before Date-03/12/2020

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