La Costena Chipotles Adobo 220g

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Give your taste buds a spicy treat with La Costena Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce.  This tasty condiment is made of delicious peppers that are ripened, dried and smoked through a very special process that follows an original pre-Hispanic tradition. La Costena chipotles and its adobo sauce are packed full of authentic spicy flavour and can be used as a marinade to spice up everything from meats to vegetables and are a flavorful addition to a wide variety of recipes, from enchiladas to various types of meats and seafood, spicy soups and much more.

  • La Costena Chipotles 
  • Deep smoky flavour with a mild sweetness 
  • Perfect for a spicy meat marinade
  • Easy-to-open and store
  • No preservatives added

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