M&M's Dark Chocolate Bar with Minis 113.4g

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M&M'S Minis Dark Chocolate Candy Bars: Enjoy all the colourful fun of M&M'S Candy, now packed into an extra-large chocolate bar. Each bar is made with delicious dark chocolate and filled with M&M'S Minis Candies. Hand-deliver guaranteed fun when you gift someone one of these chocolate bars; they're perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas stockings, Easter baskets and more! M&M'S Chocolate Bars With Minis are available in six flavours: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut, crispy, almond and crispy mint. Share a chocolate gift that everyone will love with M&M'S Chocolate Bars With Minis.M&M'S Minis Dark Chocolate Candy Bar, 4-Ounce Bar

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