Nabisco Go Paks Mini Nilla Wafers 64g

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With Nilla Wafers Mini Vanilla Wafer Cookies, the dessert possibilities are endless. These mini cookies have the same vanilla flavour as their regular-sized counterparts, but their smaller size makes them perfect for grabbing and snacking. They are perfect for crushing atop banana pudding, or creating mini ice cream sandwiches. These vanilla cookies make delicious sweet snacks, perfect for enjoying on the go or in the comfort of your own home. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet to pair with your afternoon tea, or preparing a homemade dessert for a family get together, Vanilla Wafers are always a delicious option.

  • Sweet vanilla flavoured cookies are great for desserts and crushing atop pudding
  • Use to create recipes like Nilla Berry Delight or Nilla Ice Cream Bites
  • Ideal for lunches, social gatherings and grab-and-go snacking
  • Serve with coffee, tea or milk
  • Certified Kosher cookies
  • Go-Pak resealable cup is ideal for grab-and-go snacking

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