Nabisco Wheat Thins Hint of Salt Low Sodium Snacks 257g (Best Before Date 09/04/2021)

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Indulge in classic flavour with less salt with Wheat Thins Hint of Salt Whole Grain Low Sodium Crackers. These whole-grain crackers have a nutty, whole grain wheat flavour. Crunchy thin crackers offer a low-sodium snack with no artificial flavours or colours. Make a simple meat and cheese tray with these snack crackers to enjoy while you unwind after work, or pair the wheat crackers with dips.

  • Robust whole grain wheat flavour with a hint of salt
  • Thin, square wheat crackers
  • Baked snack crackers offer a crispy texture and nutty flavour
  • Pair with your favorite dips and cheeses for casual snacking
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