Walden Farms Low Calorie Creamy Italian Dressing 355ml

Quantity: Pack of 6


• Creamy Italian Dressing can give a unique flavour into any food. It is made of natural herbs, spices and ingredients that make it a wholesome choice.

• Creamy Italian Dressing is well-known in several parts of the world and mostly used on salad, steamed vegetables and chicken pasta.

• Creamy Italian Dressing is packed with high-quality natural ingredients and has many benefits.

• Walden Farms Creamy Italian dressing is made with natural flavours and delicious ingredients. It is 99% free from carbs and fat, and yet it is tasty and delicious. By adding this in your recipe, you can make your salads or pasta even tastier.

• Walden Farms Creamy Italian Dressing is made of the best vinegars, garlic, lemon and other fresh spices and is perfect for chicken salad, steamed vegetables, pasta, and more. Enjoy the delicious taste of Walden Farms Creamy Italian Dressing along with its dietary support.

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