Walden Farms Low Calorie Strawberry Fruit Spread 340g (Best Before Date 15/04/2022)

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What the product is:
Strawberry Fruit Spread is a fruit spread made from natural flavours of strawberry and condensed fruit extracts. It is perfect for muffins, toast or as a mix-in with yoghurt. Now you can add the sweet taste of strawberries to your toast any time!

Why this is worth purchasing:
Strawberry Fruit Spread is made of high-quality ingredients that are rich sources of energy. Some of its advantages are:
- Kosher
- Gluten Free
- Low calorie
- 99% Free of any fat, Carbs and sugars


Walden Farms Strawberry Fruit Spread is packed with the goodness of selected strawberries and has natural flavours. It has good quality ingredients and delivers a high-quality product that ensures you remain fit.

Walden farms Strawberry fruit spread is delicious and is a perfect add-on for muffins, toast and other baked foods. You can add Strawberry fruit spread to smoothies to make them delicious. It is good for your body as it has almost no preservatives, sugar or fats.

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