Walden Farms Low Calorie Tomato Ketchup 340ml

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What the product is:
Tomato ketchup is a delicious sauce or dressing for your favourite dishes. It is made from high quality ingredients like tomatoes and vinegar, and has a sweet and tangy taste. It is a perfect add on for snacks like french fries, chips, toast, and crisps.

Why this is worth purchasing:
Tomato ketchup is made of high quality ingredients. Some of the factors which make it worth purchasing are:
- Low on Calories
- Low carbs
- Gluten Free
- No extra fats

Walden Farms tomato ketchup made with a unique combination of herbs and spices and is perfect for chicken nuggets, burgers or with chips or crisps. With this tomato ketchup by Walden Farms, your dishes become more delicious and tasty.

Walden Farms tomato ketchup has a tangy and sweet taste and is perfect for potatoes crisps, pizza and other fast foods. Switch to Walden Farms tomato ketchup and make your dishes more delicious every

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