Halloween chocolate

As you may know, Halloween is one of the most anticipated holiday celebrations in the US. So, my team and I have decided to give you a month-long lead to stock up on some of America’s most favourite Halloween sweets that’ll trick everyone into giving you more. 

  • Milky Way® Chocolate Bar

  • You’ve got nougat, caramel, and dark chocolate all in one place, thanks to Milky Way. These come in regular and mini bars that are perfect for kids and kids at heart. Stock up and make sure to include Milky Way Midnight Dark Chocolate Minis in your stash. These candies will make the neighbourhood a favourite.

  • Brach’s® Candy Corn

  • Halloween won’t be complete without Brach’s Candy Corn and you know it. These two-coloured confections are iconic. There’s no other candy that can be more American than this one! With its honey-flavoured taste, you’ll be sure to help yourself to a handful even after Halloween is over.


  • Payday® Peanut Caramel Bar

  • It’s sweet and salty, and a payday, indeed, with every bite! It’s an old-school kind of American treat that the children will find delightful. You may want to indulge the kid in you, too! After all, it’s Halloween.

  • Butterfinger® Candy Bar

  • Butterfinger is an all-American confectionery that’s got layers of crisped-up peanut butter bathed in chocolate. It’s undoubtedly popular and a staple in every Halloween party as well. Reserve the long candy bars for the ones who’re dressed to kill (no pun intended). The mini bars? Set aside some for yourself. Because you’ll run out of those faster than you think.

  • M&M’s® Milk Chocolate Candy

  • Coloured candy shell-covered milk chocolate candies? Whew! Yes, please! There’s just no telling how crazy we are about M&M’s! There’s a sense of comfort and satisfaction with every helping of this all-American brand. Many will attest to the fact that, Halloween or not, M&M’s® saves the day and turns each one into a magical experience.

    Did your favourite Halloween candy? Would you like to get stocked on one or several of these? You see, Halloween is for everybody. So, while waiting to get tricked or treated, help yourself ten to these delightful morsels and jibe with the child in you.

    For more information about Halloween, seasonal, and year-round candies, confectionaries, and baking ingredients, check out the American Grocer for their latest offerings. I promise this isn’t a trick at all.