B&G Kosher Dill Chips 473ml

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Made with simple ingredients including cucumbers, water, vinegar, and salt, these pickles will delight your customers and provide them with the classic dill pickle flavour they know and love. Since they're pre-cut, it saves you prep time as well since these pickle chips are ready for use out of the jar.

• Provide a tart and crunchy taste that accents your dishes and serve these B&G San-Del kosher dill crinkle-cut pickle chips.

• Made from cucumbers picked at peak ripeness and soaked in a salty brine with vinegar, these juicy dill pickles are bursting with fresh flavour.

• For a creative twist, try making a fresh batter, dipping the slices, and frying them to create a crunchy appetizer great to pair with creamy dipping sauces. The options are endless with these dill pickle chips!

• Dill pickle chips are a cookout classic which is great on burgers, sandwiches and more in a perfect size jar for large barbecues and picnics.

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