Cheez-It White Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers 351g

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They’re made with 100% real cheddar cheese! Of course they're always a fan favorite. There's no secret behind the delicious goodness of Cheez-It® White Cheddar Snack Crackers. This cheesy, crunchy snack can only be this delicious with 100% real cheddar cheese!

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Michael Rabenow
White Cheddar Deliciousness

White Cheddar Deliciousness in each and every baked Cheez It Cracker is to die for .

These baked crackers are addictive if you are a Serious fan of both Crackers and White Cheddar Chinese .

If I don't pay attention to myself with a box of these , by the time I have decided that I have had enough , I will look into the box and notice that I had eaten the majority of the crackers or maybe all of them .

I now pour a few of them in a paper bowl in order to stop myself from going through the entire box .

You will probably have to eat around 4 or more in order to taste the White Cheddar Cheese flavor but once you do , you will be enjoying each cracker .

In closing , I must suggest that you have something wet to wipe your hands clean because the flavoring will stick to your fingers .


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