Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade Drink Mix 34g

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We know you love berries...This is why we're introducing you to Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade. This berry-licious drink comes in recyclable canisters that contains six (2) 2-quart packets that can make up litres of caffeine- and gluten-free beverages.

Our promise is as crystal as our brand - it's Kosher-certified and gluten-free, too!

Each packet contains eight (8) ounces of 237ml worth of serving. And, best of all, it only contains five (5) calories each!

Since Crystal Light as light as a feather and good for the body, we advise that you place your orders very soon. These fly out of the shelves faster than you think, 'coz Crystal Light is TRULY light on the cost but definitely flavorful and satisfying for today's health buffs.

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