Duncan Hines Signature Perfectly Moist Banana Supreme Cake Mix 432g

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We can't wait to make you go bananas over Duncan Hines' latest addition to its family of incredible cake mixes. Introducing, Duncan Hines Signature Banana Supreme Cake Mix! To say that our brand of cake mix is made from real bananas is so cliche because we know that you know that already.

What we can tell you is that Duncan Hines' Signature Cake Mixes consistently aims to help unleash the professional baker in you. What with moist cakes that you and your loved ones can sink your teeth into, right? Each bite out of this soft bakes makes you want to enjoy more, bake more, and entertain more! You need not head out anywhere else. Go right ahead and back right in your kitchen!

So, if you're thinking about making big and small cakes as well as banana cake squares, now is the time to indulge the baker in you. Order your stock of Duncan Hines Signature Banana Supreme Cake Mix from the American Grocer today.

Customer Reviews

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Susan Kulvear

Excellent service! Order seemed to come as soon I pressed pay!!!

Julie Wilson
Fab banana cake mix

Best banana cake mix ever

Christina Blackmore
Banana cake

Omg this is to die for! Will I buy this again? ABSOLUTELY! It's the best cake mix I've ever had. Very highly recommended!

Alison Humberstone
Cake mix

Great product easy to use mix produces a delicious cake - well worth the money.

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