Fanta Berry Flavoured Soda 355ml

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Did you know that Fanta® was first developed in Italy back in 1955? It has been a member of the Coca Cola Company® from the 60s to the 70s; but, unfortunately, what started out as a hit amongst orange soda lovers suddenly disappeared in the 80s.

The Coca Cola Company as we all know it does not waste time. This is why Coca Cola worked quickly to turn Fanta® into a brand that will spark a global following among soda pop lovers, especially teenagers.

This is the story behind the beverage that once offered just a singular flavour - orange. Fanta® now has a bevvy of choices that will surely titillate your fancy and taste buds! Let's start you off with Fanta® Berry Flavoured® Soda.

Fanta Berry Flavoured Soda is a blue-coloured, bright, bubbly, and caffeine-free beverage that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Pop those bottles and cans of berry-luscious drinks as you host a Friday, non-alcoholic drink get-together with friends and family! Or, throw a few of them in the cooler for your weekend camping. Pop one for yourself after a long day's work. It totally depends on how you want to experience Fanta® Berry Flavoured Soda.

Fanta Berry Flavoured Soda is caffeine-free so you wouldn't have to worry about tummy tremors and hand flutters. So, go ahead and experience what FANTAstic really means!

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