Fanta Pineapple Flavoured Soda 355ml

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We don't know about you but Fanta® Pineapple Soda IS the kind of cooler that brings back the summer feels. It's the ultimate paradise each time you take gulps full of this drink. And why not? Only the most trusted brand of American soft drink can do that!

Fanta® Pineapple Soda is nothing short of FANTAstic. It's made from pineapple extracts and is totally caffeine-free. It's just hard to miss out on a drink that's this delightful and refreshing.

As one of the go-to brand's ® flavours, Fanta® Pineapple Soda is school-ready, office-ready, and even a post-workout sippy! Regardless of the occasion, Fanta® Pineapple Soda sets the tone of things to come.

Happy, fun, engaging, relaxing, and memorable this soda of choice goes down in history as the "pineapple of your eye". To order, simply visit our website and hit "Add to cart" for cans or packages of 12s. Hurry up before stocks run out!

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