Folgers Classic Medium Roast Ground Coffee 865g



Folgers® Classic Medium Roast Ground Coffee is one of the reasons why waking up in the morning is life's grandest experiences! As soon as a teaspoonful hits the bottom of your cup, hot water pouring into it, the aroma bursting all around you... Ah, what a day to savour in every single minute!

Folgers® Classic Medium Roast Ground Coffee has been a renowned brand for the last 150 years and has been a part of many a household. Truly, it is a cup of coffee that gives you a taste of an all-American brew that's known in all parts of the globe.

Folgers® Coffee is made from mountain-grown coffee beans, which are known to be the richest in flavour and texture as well as the most aromatic in the whole world. You can never go wrong with Folgers® Classic Medium Roast Ground Coffee.

So have a cup for yourself and share the goodness with your family and friends. After all, a timeless cup of coffee like Folgers® goes with anything at any time of the day. Folgers® Classic Medium Roast Ground Coffee comes in plastic, resealable, and recyclable tubs.

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