Gatorade Fruit Punch Sports Drink 591ml

Size: Pack of 6
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Gatorade® Fruit Punch Sports Drink is as insanely refreshing as it packs it real strong! Gatorade®, Pepsi® Company's sports drink affiliate, is known for cutting-edge flavours that not only help replenish lost electrolytes but also make rehydration an unbeatable experience.

Formulated and tested thoroughly at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, Gatorade® is an energizing drink that leaves you wanting more of that bursting taste of berries, pineapples, and oranges.

Gatorade® Fruit Punch is just one of the many Gatorade® Sports Drinks that are unanimously trusted by all major American
and international athletic teams. It does not resort to synthetic sugars to boost one's energy. Its signature formula revs up your system to ready you for an intense workout at any time, any day.

Gatorade® Fruit Punch Sports Drink is allergen, trans-fat, and fat-free; and, very low on natural sugars. Reward yourself with a rehydrating beverage that is on a league of its own - Gatorade® Fruit Punch Sports Drink.

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