General Mills Classic Trix Cereal 303g



General Mills Classic Trix® Cereal is a bowlful of fruit-shaped, bite-sized breakfast goodies that will surely thrill your taste buds and put a smile on your face. You get a healthy dose of whole-grain corn puffs and an energy boost with each spoonful.

General Mills Classic Trix® Cereal is accredited by the USDA Child Nutrition Programs and USDA-certified as a smart snack. These fruities can be enjoyed in a bowl full of your favourite milk, as a snack, or even used as a dessert or baking inclusion.

This is how versatile General Mills Classic Trix® Cereal is! Now which other cereal can give you that? We bet "
nada." Oh! Did we mention that General Mills Classic Trix® Cereal is kosher-certified as well? That's another winning point for this bowl-o-fun!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a box, maybe two, or fill up your pantry shelves with General Mills Classic Trix® Cereal already!

Just click on the
link, "Add to cart," and you're all set.

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