General Mills Corn Chex Cereal 340g

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Tired of the usual corn flakes? Guess what, we have the perfect alternative for your early morning corn cravings. Introducing, General Mills Corn Chex® Cereal! A hefty serving with slices of bananas, berries, or even a dollop of honey makes your breakfast as explosive as it can be.

You can also enjoy a bowlful of General Mills Corn Chex® Cereal with your most cherished Greek yoghurt. How healthy is that, huh? What's more, General Mills Corn Chex® Cereal has only 16 grams of whole grain in each serving, is calcium-enriched, friendly on the tummy, has minimal fructose corn syrup, and, at best, gluten-free.

General Mills Corn Chex® Cereal can also be used as the main ingredient in holiday desserts and baked goodies. We'll hook you up with some interesting desserts, what do you say? Would you like a one sent to your inbox soon?

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