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General Mills® Rice Chex™ is a unique rice cereal-slash-muddy-buddies porridge for breakfast. It's a healthy and nutritious choice for children and an equally commendable first meal of the day for young and matures adults, too.

General Mills® Rice Chex™ is gluten-free with only the most natural ingredients in it PLUS super low on the fructose corn syrup. Perfect for everyone who's keeping a close watch on their weight since it serves only with 17 grams of whole grain rice.

That's something that you can easily burn by walking or by hitting the gym! And, did you know that, with every box of General Mills® Rice Chex™, you get to become an advocate for education?

Yessiree, you can! General Mills® Rice Chex™ is a proudly carries the torch for schools and teachers.

So, if you want a hearty breakfast and heart-filled advocacy that goes with it, then visit the
American Grocer and stock up as much as you can for a reasonable price.

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Katie Collins

The best as always! Buying again!

Laurence Riles

Very good service fast delivery

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