Grandma's Molasses Original 355ml

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Grandma's® Original Unsulphured Molasses is a baking staple in every American household!

It's sun-ripened and unsulphured as well as ranks the highest among quality products simply because Grandma's® Original Unsulphured Molasses is all-natural, gluten-free, fat-free, and Kosher-certified.

Our favourite jar of molasses also boasts of the fact that it doesn't overwhelm your taste buds with sugar and sweetness, unlike other brands. And come storage time, Grandma's® Original Unsulphured Molasses can be stored at room temperature.

The taste stays the same and so does the texture. If you're into making your own alcoholic beverage, then Grandma's® Original Unsulphured Molasses is also a perfect brand for you!

Think about it the next time you feel like concocting a fresh batch of rum for weekend get-togethers.

Get into baking and rum-making now only with Grandma's® Original Unsulphured Molasses, available only at the
American Grocer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nigel Coxhead
Bitter sweet heaven

Not as bitter as backstrap, so perfect to add to black bacon and gammon cures.

Konstantina Spentzou
Favorite Molasses

Only favorite molasses product. Item arrived quickly and very happy it arrived on time. Wish there was more

Rita Banks

Great choice of products

Gaynor Perry

Not used as yet because its for christmas gingerbread cookies but every review is excellent so hopefully mine in the UK will be also

Karen Scott
Grandmas Molasses

Always use this in my christmas cakes, gives a nice flavour to the cake. Can be used for other recipes but i have only used it in a fruit cake

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