Heinz 57 Sauce 142g

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A secret blend of spices has made Heinz 57 Sauce an American favourite for over 100 years. With a unique rich flavour unequalled by any other steak sauce, it's no wonder that Heinz 57 is served in America's greatest steak houses. This multi-use sauce comes ready to pour onto your favourite foods for a convenient way to ramp up flavour. Tomato puree, vinegar and spices create a zesty kick in this multi-purpose sauce that contains 20 calories per serving and zero grams of fat per serving. It's the go-to steak dinner sauce, but Heinz 57 is also perfect as a sauce for pork or chicken, for meat marinating or as a dipping sauce. This 5-ounce bottle makes it easy to pour this zesty sauce.

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