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Walk down memory lane with your favourite peanut butter. The smoothness and creaminess of this Jif peanut butter makes it the best tasting peanut butter of all time. It’s packed with flavour that leaves you wanting more each time, and it’s perfect for toast, bread, waffles, bagels, even apples and bananas! Bring home that goodness only with Jif.

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Noel Delafield
Love this

I was never a fan of peanut butter that's made in the UK, but having grown up with relatives living in Canada and also spent 2 years there myself I found I love the PB that's available in North America. Just love this. (i love Canadian Kraft Creamy PB even more though, impossible to find in the UK)

Richard Blake
Lovely smooth peanut butter!

Jif is an American product and it differs from the UK’s version of smooth peanut in that it has a real feel,good factor in the mouth. Unlike its local competitors it does not stick to the roof of your mouth. It takes good too!

Graham Rolfe
Jif creamy peanut butter

As we could no longer get jif from our online supermarket, I then went looking elsewhere for it online and came across American grocer. I ordered 10 jars all of which turned up well packaged, complete and with no damage and in good time. A service I hope to use again

Katie Chowdhary

Quick and efficient to get the purchase

Eileen Plunkett
Jif Peanut Butter

Excellent service, very fast turnaround and peanut butter is the best in the world ... in my opinion

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