Now and Later Original Mixed Fruit Chews 1.72kg

Sale price£19.99


This jar of individually wrapped fruity goodness is everything a party needs to start the excitement. Each flavour is guaranteed to burst in your tastebuds, leaving you with long-lasting bold flavours that are either shell-shocked, chewy, extremely sour, or splits. 

Keep a handful in your pocket so you can have a burst of flavour anytime, anywhere, or so you can hand them out to kids, friends, family, etc. Keep your bag always exciting by always having a stash hidden, too! 

Perfect as party favours, giveaways, halloween treats, stocking stuffers, or treats for no occasion at all. These fruity chews will make you want them now instead of later. Every jar includes strawberry, cherry, grape, apple, & watermelon flavoured chewy candies. 

Each individually wrapped candy explodes in fruity flavour- have a different one everytime you reach for one to keep the excitement going. Kids and kids-at-heart will love every flavour in this jar of goodness!


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