Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce 397g

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Enjoy the tangy, sweet taste of our Jellied Cranberry Sauce. Made with the same unique cranberry goodness as Ocean Spray® Juice Cocktail, it adds a little something extra to your meal at holiday time or any time of year.

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Paul Rowthorn

Bought for my daughter-in-laws first UK Thanksgiving. Apparently the look on our faces as the gelatinous mass shloorped from the tin is the funniest thing she's ever seen. Tasted good too😁

Expat Texan
the expected classic on the Thanksgiving table

Conplete with concentric tin ring marks! I know you can get fancy cranberry sauce from Oceanspray in UK,
even with port. Have made my own whole berry with orange and port for decades, nonetheless, the classic
tin marked Oceanspray is as expected on an American Thanksgiving and Christmas!) table as sprouts are in UK.
Cranberry sauce is a much! nicer, tastier choice even if the two don't compare, one being a lovely fruit, t'other
a truly disgusting vegetable, even if grilled or roasted it's still a brassica.

Camilla Huber

Hadn't had this in years, was fun to have again!

Candy Lovegrove
The ONLY cranberry jelly for my family!

Since I was a child (many years ago) our family has eaten Ocean Spray with its Christmas dinner, as well as at other times of the year. For some reason the only place I could buy it this year at a reasonable price, is from you. Thank you.

H Gouverneu-Majzub
Find the impossible!

Arrived on time. Exactly what I hoped for.
Couldn’t find this product anywhere else in the UK! Cheers.

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