Orville Redenbacher's Popping & Topping Buttery Flavoured Oil 473ml

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Orville Redenbacher's Popping & Topping Buttery Flavored Oil is the perfect complement to our whole grain popcorn kernels. Grab your hot air popper or stovetop popcorn popper, and make a popcorn snack in a jiffy. And it's not just for popping-add a delicious drizzle to any popcorn snack for even more buttery flavour! Orville Redenbacher's is the only leading brand of microwave popcorn with no artificial preservatives, flavours, or dyes in all of our products. This butter-flavoured oil belongs in your pantry so you can pop up a delicious snack and pretend like you're at the movie theatre any time you want. Plus, our natural kernels and this rich, buttery oil are the perfect way to add a pop of fun to everyday occasions, like after-school snack time.

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